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/Warehousing & distributie
Warehousing & distributie2019-01-03T11:26:07+00:00

Warehousing and distribution

Cross docking and storage for shorter or longer periods

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Warehousing WaddinxveenWarehousing in the Netherlands

The office of Colvan International Forwarding Netherlands is located on the second floor of the beautiful logistics center of Doeleman Logistics in Waddinxveen, centrally located on the A12 highway between the ports of Rotterdam and the airport of Amsterdam.

The cooperation between Doeleman Logistiek and Colvan has added value for both companies. In this way it is possible to offer the customer a complete logistics package, concentrated under one roof.

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Frequent asked questions

Bulk storage or pallet storage only?2019-01-03T09:08:08+00:00

Colvan has storage facilities for both types of goods.
Colvan employees can advise you on this.

Can customs goods also be stored?2019-01-03T09:09:14+00:00

Customs goods (T1) can be stored.
Colvan employees can assist you with this.

Are goods insured against damage, loss and theft?2019-01-03T09:11:14+00:00

A logistics service provider has limited liability for damage to and/ or the loss of the goods, arising during the period from reception to delivery.
The liability is limited to SDR 4 per kg with a maximum of SDR 100,000 per event or series of events with one and the same cause of damage.

Does Colvan International Forwarding store all types of goods?2019-01-03T09:12:10+00:00

Colvan stores only non-hazardous goods. Dangerous goods (chemicals) and perishable goods (fruit and vegetables) are not stored or transhipped.
Colvan can assist you with finding the right partner for the storage and transhipment of these goods.

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