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National Distribution

Transport your cargo throughout the Netherlands

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Transport your cargo throughout the Netherlands

Transport Colvan

Distribution throughout the Netherlands of your incoming cargo can be provided in various ways. It is possible to transport directly from the port or airport to the customer. Goods that must first be inspected, sorted or processed can also be delivered through the warehouse in Waddinxveen.

Distribution LCL import

Groupage cargo unloaded in Rotterdam can be delivered to any destination in the Netherlands the next day. Loading the cargo in the Rotterdam port area is accompanied by meeting a number of conditions. For example, the cargo must have been cleared or placed under customs supervision, unloading costs must be paid in order to release the freight and, if necessary, warehouse fees must be paid on site. For this reason, we work with transport companies who have made this their specialty.

As forwarding import agent, Colvan International Forwarding maintains control over the entire handling process so that unnecessary delays, waiting hours and warehouse fees are prevented.

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Collect LCL export

Consolidation of cargo destined for export will first have to be transferred to the port of Rotterdam. Delivery of the cargo is also accompanied by the necessary customs and delivery formalities. Making time agreements with consolidation warehouses is tricky, delivering cargo yourself can cause waiting time. The carriers Colvan works with deliver multiple shipments on a daily basis and know the delivery procedures like no other. It is therefore rare that we have to calculate waiting costs.

So Colvan does not only take care of your consolidation of sea freight shipments, but also collects the shipment and ensures a smooth delivery to the consolidation warehouses in Rotterdam

National Container Trucking import and export

If you ship containers from Rotterdam and you use the expertise of Colvan International Forwarding to book the right shipping company, it is nice to have the empty container at the right place of loading and at the right time. From every loading point in the Netherlands, Colvan takes care of the container trucking. Drivers with years of experience drive your container to the outgoing container terminal and ensure a smooth delivery. In order to comply with the regulations regarding “Verified Gross Mass” (VGM), containers can also be weighed before they are returned to the outgoing terminal. Colvan arranges the trucking of Dry Freight containers as well as Reefer, Open Top and Flat Rack containers.

The delivery of outgoing containers only goes smoothly if a number of conditions are met. For example, the customs documentation will have to be in order and a registration in the Portbase system must take place.

All containers are electronically pre-registered to prevent as many waiting times as possible.

If your import containers arrive in Rotterdam, you want a smooth customs handling and a quick delivery of your container to the desired destination. Colvan International Forwarding is certified by the customs as AEO and is therefore recognized as competent, safe and reliable. In practice, this means that the degree of physical control on the goods declared by Colvan for import is considerably smaller than with non-certified customs agents. As an importer you can use this to your advantage.

When your container is released by customs, you quickly want to have access to the content. Colvan works with reliable container trucking companies that contributes to a fast and smooth delivery of your import container. You get two hours to unload the container without waiting hours. After unloading the driver takes the empty container to a designated depot.

Failure to move away incoming containers on time after arrival of the mother-vessel can lead to demurrage costs. Failure to return empty containers on time after unloading can lead to detention costs. These are costs that rarely arise if the entire handling of your containers is properly prepared and handled with full attention. Colvan International Forwarding has extensive experience and always acts proactively to ensure that demurrage and detention is prevented as much as possible.

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Distribution airfreight import

Airfreight that has been custom cleared after arrival can be delivered the next day throughout the Netherlands. If the shipment is very urgent, a courier can always be used for immediate delivery on the same day.
Colvan will arrange it as you wish.

Collecting airfreight exports

If you book airfreight export via Colvan International Forwarding, the cargo will have to be delivered at Amsterdam Airport. Here too Colvan makes it easy for you and arranges pick-up of your airfreight for export shipments and delivers them to the warehouse terminals of the outgoing airlines.

Frequent asked questions

Is my cargo insured against damage and theft?2019-01-03T09:52:38+00:00

The transport company has limited liability for damage to the goods or damage as a result of total or partial loss or damage as a result of delay in delivery.
Compensation in accordance with AVC conditions is a maximum of € 3.40 per kg.
Compensation in accordance with CMR conditions is a maximum of SDR 8.33 per kg.

For the complete text we refer to the AVC conditions for national transport and the CMR conditions for international transport.

How much free time is included in the trucking rate for unloading or loading a container?2019-01-03T09:53:56+00:00

The container trucking rate is determined by the number of kilometers and the time the driver needs to carry out the job. The rate includes two hours for unloading or loading the container. If this time is exceeded, extra waiting hours, or parts of waiting hours may be calculated.

The container smells, what happens now?2019-01-03T09:55:18+00:00

In case of export, the empty container will be checked for smells at the terminal as soon as the container is released. If an empty container still smells when released, it is necessary to immediately stop loading and contact Colvan. Colvan will inform the trucking company and the shipping line about this and ensure that another container is released.
In case of Import, unloading must be stopped immediately and Colvan must be contacted. If the container is so smelly that it is unhealthy to continue unloading, or that it demonstrably causes damage to the goods in the container, Colvan will inform the trucking company and the shipping line about this and give the shipping line the opportunity to send a damage expert. If this does not work within an acceptable time, the shipping company will indicate this and Colvan will arrange a gas expert.Any damage to goods and container must be recorded in a report and a note must be made on the delivery note. Supplement as much as possible by taking photos.
Colvan International Forwarding will hold the trucking company or shipping line liable for any damage.

The container seal is missing, what happens now?2019-01-03T09:57:35+00:00

The seal number is mentioned on the Bill of Lading. Before the seal is removed, it must be checked by the consignee on breakage and identity. In the case of irregularities, the seal that is present must not be broken and Colvan must be contacted immediately in order to report this.
If there is no seal at all, this must be reported to Colvan and a note on the delivery note must be made.

What is the maximum weight that the container is permitted to weigh?2019-01-03T09:58:28+00:00

This can be found on the container itself under “payload”.
In addition, the maximum permissible weight of a truck in the Netherlands and in the other European countries in international container transport must also be taken into consideration. In the Netherlands this may never exceed 50 tons.
In practice, the maximum payloads of 40ft containers can usually be transported by road. However, two 20ft containers on one chassis with both a maximum payload will be a problem. The guideline is that the total of 2 x 20ft may not exceed 28,000 kgs.

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