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/Limited Fiscal Representation
Limited Fiscal Representation2018-10-10T10:18:34+00:00

Limited Fiscal Representation

Indicate for other European destinations in the Netherlands.

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Limited Fiscal Representation

Douane customsSince 1993 there is free circulation of goods within the Europen Union. To customclear goods at the port of entry, destinated for other E.U.-countries than The Netherlands, there is a possibility to let Colvan act as your Limited Fiscal Representative. Import duties will have to be paid in Holland. The VAT will be deferred to the country of destination. This simply means that VAT will not actually have to be paid at the moment of entry and will create a better cashflow situation for importers of high value goods. It must be clear that there are strict rules to follow, and agreement will have to be signed. The European VAT regulations look a bit complicated and we strongly advise you to consult your accountant for additional information.

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