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/International Roadtransport
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International Roadtransport

Transport your cargo throughout Europe

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Consolidated (LTL) or full trailer loads (FTL)

Transport Colvan

Many carriers for destinations within Europe do not make it easier to always find the right carrier that fits the job. Sometimes reliability is more important than price. In other cases, speed is decisive. Large shipments, small shipments, every carrier has its strong and weaker sides.
Through our years of experience, we know how to find the way in the enormous range of transport companies. Long-term and reliable relationships with these companies form the basis for good service at competitive rates.

International Container Trucking

Trucking containers from and to the port of Rotterdam is also possible from and to other countries within Europe. This is easy to do from and to Belgium and parts of Germany. For a large part of Germany, Rotterdam is closer than Hamburg or Bremerhaven.

As the distance increases from and to Rotterdam, the tariff will also increase. The trucking rates are based on kilometers to be traveled, and so empty-kilometers will be charged for collecting or returning the empty container.

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By picking-up or delivering empty containers at container depots in the near area of the German loading or unloading address, transport costs can be reduced. On condition is that the shipping company gives permission for this.

In addition to the international routing of containers within Europe, it is also possible to move containers by rail or barge. Colvan International Forwarding is looking at what the best option is, advising on options, transit times and tariffs.

Frequent asked questions

Does every truck have a tailgate and a pump truck?2018-12-20T15:02:42+00:00

This isn’t always the case. In general, the material with which the national distribution is carried out is equipped with a tailgate and a pump truck, but for larger lots trailers without these facilities are also used.
In international road transport, the material is rarely equipped with tailgate and pump truck.
Colvan advises the customer to always indicate whether a truck with tailgate and pump truck is desired.

Is it possible to exchange pallets?2018-12-20T15:04:44+00:00

This is usually not a problem with national road transport. In international road transport this usually causes problems and is often refused by transport companies.
Colvan advises you to check this on a case-by-case basis.

Can I also move goods as loose cargo?2018-12-20T15:05:56+00:00

For full trailer loads (FTL) this is usually not a problem.
With consolidated shipments (LTL), this usually involves an inefficient way of working, as a result of which consolidation carriers usually refuse this.

Are transport costs determined by weight (kgs) or volume (cbm)?2018-12-20T15:08:46+00:00

In road transport, rates are determined by the distance to be covered, the weight and the volume. Usually a volume ratio of 1:3 is used for this, or 1 cbm equals 333 kgs. In addition, rates are often issued per euro pallet or block pallet.
The following ratio is usually applied here:
1 euro pallet = 700 kg paying weight (0.4 loading meter)
1 block pallet = 785 kg paying weight (0.5 loading meter)
1 loading meter = 1750 kgs

Is my cargo insured against damage and theft?2018-12-20T15:09:40+00:00

The transport company has limited liability for damage to the goods or damage as a result of total or partial loss or damage as a result of delay in delivery.
Compensation in accordance with AVC conditions is a maximum of € 3.40 per kg.
Compensation in accordance with CMR conditions is a maximum of SDR 8.33 per kg.

For the complete text we refer to the AVC conditions for national transport and the CMR conditions for international transport.

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