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Worldwide shipping within a worldwide network of agents.

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Luchtvracht Colvan

Colvan International Forwarding is the right choice for using airfreight. Whether it concerns express shipments or oceanfreight shipments that have to go through the air at the last minute, we will take care of it.

Airfreight via a worldwide network of agents

Our agents play a major role in organizing airfreight around the world. In the case of export, they take care of customs clearance after arrival at the airport and in case of import of the coordination with your suppliers.

Using airfreight seems to be an expensive option, but that is not always the case. For shipments up to 45 kg, shipping with well-known parcel carriers is often the best choice. Airfreight shipments from 45 kg payable weight are usually most economically shipped with regular airfreight. In some cases, this is even cheaper than oceanfreight.

If the shipment is larger than 1 cbm and weighs more than 167 kgs, the total airfreight costs will increase rapidly. Airfreight is paid per kg.

Lower airfreight costs through the smart combination of freight

For larger airfreight lots from the Far East, where the actual weight is not very high, Colvan often offers you interesting options. By cleverly combining the so-called lighter volume lots with heavier lots, extra discount can be given on the airfreight rate. Colvan knows the way like no other, and as a customer you can profit from that. That is why Colvan places great value on building and maintaining good contacts with airfreight agents worldwide.

We select our agents with care and always keep full control on the job.

Colvan International Forwarding is your point of contact for the entire airfreight route, door-to-door.

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Prior to or after transport by sea, we also take care of land transport.

Customs clearance

Prior to and after transport by sea, we also take care of customs declarations.

Frequent asked questions

My cargo has not arrived and seems to be missing. What happens now?2019-01-03T09:31:40+00:00

Despite automated systems, cargo does sometimes get lost.
This is often the result of cargo that is positioned at the wrong location after arrival on the airport. The cargo seems to be missing, but usually turns up again after a warehouse check. It is therefore advisable to stay in touch with Colvan International Forwarding to await the results of warehouse checks. The airline can be held liable in the event of a definitive loss. Colvan will help you with this.

What is a second-line warehouse?2019-01-03T09:30:49+00:00

This is the warehouse to which the cargo is transferred from the first-line warehouse.
After unloading in the second-line warehouse, the customs clearance can be done. After release, the cargo can be released from this warehouse.

What is a first-line warehouse?2019-01-03T09:30:09+00:00

This is the warehouse in which the cargo is put on location after it has been unloaded from the aircraft.
The load must be collected within 18 to 24 hours to guarantee a good flow of cargo and prevent warehouse fees.

Why is an airfreight rate per kg lower for a heavy shipments?2019-01-03T09:34:24+00:00

Airfreight rates are usually staggered. There are different rates for shipments at more than 45, 100, 300, 500 or 1000 kgs. The higher the weight, the lower the rate per kg. An exception applies to airlines that offer flat-rates. They offer the same rate for + 100 kg and more.

What is a station statement?2019-01-03T09:35:08+00:00

This is a one-off statement that you, as an importer of air freight, can give to airlines and cargo handling companies, in which you declare that Colvan is permitted to handle your incoming airfreight.
Colvan International Forwarding would be happy to arrange this for you.

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