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Colvan International Forwarding is an all-round forwarder and transports larger and smaller parties worldwide on a daily basis. With our worldwide network of agents, we can be of service to you throughout the Far- and Middle East, but also in North and South America.

Worldwide agent network

Having a worldwide agent network has proved invaluable for our customers. It makes it possible for us to compete with the larger freight forwarders, but still remain modest in size. At Colvan you will not get a computer voice when you call us. You also do not have to struggle through a menu and you will be called back quickly if promised. Get to know our team immediately.


Since 2010, Colvan is a member of the Dutch Organization for Forwarding and Logistics, FENEX. Colvan is affiliated with the FENEX guarantee fund and therefore provides more security for the client.

On all work carried out by Colvan Netherlands B.V. the FENEX General Terms and Conditions apply, filed at the Registry of the District Courts in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam on 1 July 2004. The General Expedition Conditions can be downloaded here.

Transport insurance

As a forwarding agent, Colvan is only liable for damage or loss during the transports organized by Colvan. With regular transport of valuable goods, we advise you to take out a continuous transport insurance policy.

You can also take out transport insurance on a case-by-case basis via your forwarding agent.
As a FENEX member, Colvan has the possibility to take out online transport insurance for you.

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