Colvan International Forwarding is an all-round forwarder and transports larger and smaller parties worldwide on a daily basis. With our worldwide network of agents, we can be of service to you throughout the Far- and Middle East, but also in North and South America.





Customs brokerage

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In a rapidly changing world in which technology and automation take an increasingly prominent role, and service providers increasingly use website-linked “systems”, there is also a need for a service provider who knows the way in the jungle of shipping companies, groupers, airlines, transport companies , container truckers, storage and transhipment companies and all conceivable logistics related service providers. As an importer or exporter you are also expected to be aware of the rules that customs use to get goods across the border. All important information can be found on the internet, but we as a forwarding agent think along with you.

You have no time or desire to find out for yourself what the best logistics solution is for transporting its goods. As an importer or exporter of goods you are busy with what you are good at. Developing and further expanding your products and selling them.
That is your core business.

Organizing transport, efficient, high-quality and at competitive rates is the core business of Colvan International Forwarding.

Worldwide agent network

Having a worldwide agent network has proved invaluable for our customers. It makes it possible for us to compete with the larger freight forwarders, but still remain modest in size. At Colvan you will not get a computer voice when you call us. You also do not have to struggle through a menu and you will be called back quickly if promised. Get to know our team immediately.